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1962 Porsche Stock No. 2613

356 Emory Special Roadster

1962 Porsche 356 Emory Special Roadster
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1962 Porsche Stock No. 2613

356 Emory Special Roadster

Emory Motorsports is widely regarded as the world standard for custom-built Porsche 356 cars, emphasizing staying true to the Porsche brand ethos while applying Rod Emory's vision to Porsche's most iconic models. Emory Motorsports builds the most unique, highest-quality, and intelligently designed 356 custom cars on the planet.

CPR is excited to exhibit for sale the fourth example of a 356 "Emory Special" ever built. Emory Motorsports' "Special" category of custom-built 356s takes several steps further than their traditional outlaw builds and proves "Special" is an understatement. Emory Special creations benefit from bespoke aesthetic modifications, ensuring no two Specials are the same. Each Special built by Emory Motorsports combines input from the client with the design expertise and craftsmanship of Rod Emory and his team to give the cars a proportional and beautifully subtle aesthetic.

This example, the 1962 Porsche 356 Emory Special Roadster, is one of the most beautiful examples Emory Motorsports has built, in our opinion. The vision for this Emory Special was an idea of a 356 Speedster's evolution had Porsche continued with its development.

The body modifications to this 356 are subtle but extensive. The headlights were lowered and laid back slightly, and the reshaped hood features a through-the-hood filler opening. In place of horn grilles are front brake ducts flanked by 356A turn signals, giving the front end a look reminiscent of the 550 Spyder. The car also wears a front-mounted oil cooler with a front grill that plays on the 550-style design. Raised wheel arches at all four corners allow the car to sit low without looking excessive and give the bodywork a thin aesthetic. The rockers are custom fabricated and curve under the body to meet the floor pans. The doors were thinned and slightly angled toward the rear to reduce the visual height of the car. This Special sits on a set of RS America space saver spare wheels chosen for their similarity to the wheels found on the Glockler Spyder cars from the period.

The engine is a fuel-injected, 914-based 2.4-liter 4-cylinder that provides an abundance of power delivered beautifully. Mating power to drive is a Porsche 5-speed 901 transaxle with shortened CV axles. 911-style trailing arms with custom fabricated pickup points and adjustable camber and caster increase road holding. The front suspension has gusseted control arms for added stiffness at the limit, and this Special wears powerful 986 brakes at all four corners.

The front-mounted oil cooler allays overheating fears with two bottom-mounted auxiliary fans that pull additional air through the cooler, exiting through the battery compartment floor between the front wheels.

The interior on this Emory is extraordinary. An unobtrusive harness bar and reinforcement structure was fabricated and installed in the car for rigidity and ties into a low harness bar that sits behind the front seats. The aluminum seat buckets surround the driver and passenger with black and brown leather upholstery. A wooden steering wheel completes the vintage racing aesthetic and adds warmth to its interaction. Tan carpets and door panels matched with the black and brown seating round out the Spartan interior.

The tailored top mechanism with black canvas covering and unique window configuration, when erected, make for a low, aggressive roofline. The tonneau cover is reminiscent of a Speedster's and snaps to cover the passenger side or close the interior fully with the top down.

It is our absolute privilege to be part of this exceptional 356's journey to its next owner. Cars built by Emory Motorsport are held in the highest regard today, and it has been a joy to explore all of the touches implemented on this Emory Special.
Suppose you have been an avid follower and fan of Emory Motorsports and lack the patience (it's a virtue, but after more than a year of pandemic restrictions, we begrudge no one) to have your bespoke creation built. In that case, this is your chance to buy a turn-key example you can enjoy today.

Due to the higher than usual anticipated interest in this vehicle, we respectfully request only serious inquiries via email or phone.

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1962 Porsche 356 Emory Special Roadster