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We know that not everyone can afford or even desire a $150k concour restoration, so we offer a diverse menu of restoration options for you.

Please select the type of restoration that best fits your needs for detailed information.

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CPR Certified
A La Carte

CPR Classic is proud to offer a class of restoration which addresses every nut and bolt on the car: the CPR Certified Restoration. After 40+ years of restoration work on early ('65 to '73) 911 cars and all models of 356s, we have learned there are too many versions of the "Fully Restored" cars out there. Frankly, in most cases, they have been made pretty but few seem to address the real problems, which are that these 46- to 71-year-old cars were never meant to last anywhere near this long and the factory did not build them to survive decades of sea air, salted roads, mud buildup or desert sun. 

Porsche never thought these cars would be around after 25 years, let alone into the next century, which speaks volumes of the quality of engineering and manufacture that originally went into these cars. Porsche has now recognized their legacy and is now remanufacturing a great number of parts which for many years have not been available, and CPR is proud to use Porsche Classic parts in its restorations whenever possible, with the end goal being remanufacturing these cars the way Porsche intended.

Upon induction, every car in the CPR Certified restoration program is tested, inspected and, if possible (and safe), is driven. This gives us a baseline and lets us know if there are pre-existing conditions prior to disassembly. Each car is photo-documented to begin the story of its rebuild. After the induction process, the car is disassembled, methodically and again with pictorial documentation. Component parts are broken down and binned according to the restoration process for those parts. Damaged or worn-out parts are noted for ease of restoration and reassembly. Each car is given its own secure storage space.

After disassembly, the car's bodywork is stripped of its paint and inspected meticulously to ensure no corrosion or damage was missed during the induction inspection.

The car is then placed on a rotisserie to begin the process of removing undercoat or interior sound deadening as necessary to repair corrosion or damage. The body and all removed panels are stripped to bare metal and restored or replaced to the original factory quality prior to any application of protective coatings or paint.

To prevent future rust issues, etching primer is applied to all surfaces. The tub and all panels are then coated with epoxy primer and blocked. Fenders and doors are then reinstalled on the body. All gaps are re-adjusted to factory standards and primer is then applied, blocked and reapplied; after this, the body is arrow straight.

All interiors are restored completely to factory new standards by one of the top three Porsche specialty interior shops in California, or a company of the client's choosing.

Every part of the car is addressed. To do a restoration that is this complete one car at a time has been very costly and could take many years to complete. By approaching restoration as a remanufacturing process, CPR Classic does the same work on a number of cars at the same time which allows us to purchase the needed parts and materials in volume. It also affords us the ability to employ specialists dedicated to their area of expertise so that each workman is repeatedly performing the same process. Practice makes perfect!

CPR Certified restorations start at $130,000, exclusive of metal repair, and go up from there according to the client's desires. All billing for these restorations is done on a time and materials basis. We encourage you to contact us and we will be glad to provide you with an estimate.

Most of the restorations done by CPR, we would classify as high-quality sympathetic restorations.

The definition of a sympathetic restoration is that the work scope is limited to what each individual car being restored to this level requires

No attempt is made to rebuild everything in the car; rather, the focus is on the cosmetic aspects of the car.

On every sympathetic restoration, condition of brakes, lights, motor, and horn are inspected and repaired as needed, all fluids and filters are changed, and the engine is tuned and serviced.

The cost of a sympathetic restoration can vary greatly based on the client's wishes and can cost anywhere from affordable to as much as $150,000. These types of restorations are done based on the client paying for only the time and materials used.

We at CPR know that not everyone either wants or can afford a concours or complete remanufactured restoration, therefore we offer an A La Carte menu of certain phases of restoration.

This is the type of restoration where you, the client, totally make the decisions as to what will be done. CPR, of course, will inspect the car at your request and will provide an estimate based on your wants and needs.

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