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1973 Porsche Stock No. 2676


1973 Porsche 911E
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1973 Porsche Stock No. 2676


Now available from CPR Classic, this 1973 911E came through our doors early in our restoration reboot, with the unique original color of Signal Yellow and an enthusiastic owner who was ready to build a fun, reliable driver that turned heads and was a joy to own.

Years later, this car is still a fun, reliable driver that turns heads and is a joy to own. It's been exercised frequently but has none of the road rash that occasionally accompanies exercise.

9113210526 came into the States through Los Angeles and was trucked to Continental Porsche/Audi in Tucson, AZ. The MSRP was $9,860 but the car was optioned with a 5-speed transmission, option group G26 (which consisted of S trim, heated rear glass, anti-roll bars, S instruments, A/C, and Fuchs wheels), and Koni dampers bringing the total to $10,750.50. How do we know all of this? We have the window sticker, of course!

What else do we have? An inch-and-a-half binder of service records, a binder of restoration photos and information, the Certificate of Authenticity, and a smile on our faces from having this car back for sale.

Starting with the exterior and working our way in, the paint's in fantastic shape and belies the eleven years since the restoration was completed. Signal Yellow and long-hood 911 lines are a match made in Stuttgart. The front bumper guards are deleted but the rears are 1973 standard. The window frames and chrome shine well, with almost no pitting and some scratches.

A pair of through-the-grille driving lamps add some visual flavor to the front view, and paired with H4s instead of factory sealed-beams mean lighting is improved. The rear is rounded out with a muffler skirt- not optioned from the factory, but a great nod back to the four-cam 356s and their modesty. Easily removed if you'd prefer.

The interior's been changed from factory brown leatherette comfort seats to reproduction sport seats in black leatherette with wool houndstooth centers for a more modern aesthetic. The carpet is black German silverknit. Rear seats were deleted and replaced with a reproduction of the factory option 9282 "luggage platform instead of standard rear seats, Targa." This gives the owner a lockable storage area (additional to the glove box) and a flat load surface for extended touring- San Diego to Seattle on Highway 1, perhaps? A rebuilt Targa top, rebuilt gauges, reupholstered and restored touch surfaces and new door pockets round out the build.

The engine was rebuilt during the restoration in 2011 and has received a steady diet of fresh oil and consumable parts over the years. It's turn-key- jump in and enjoy. This is a low-mile engine and is just past its break-in period; it needs to exist now on a steady diet of high-test, revs, and enthusiasm. The transaxle is similarly low-mile and needs similar attention; just drive it!

The suspension and brakes were refreshed and look nearly new; driving the car confirms our suspicions that it drives as well as it looks. If you're looking for an introduction to early air-cooleds, this will hook you.

In closing, this is an eleven-year-old restoration that looks new, performs as new, and requires almost no waiting period before it can be enjoyed in the sun and warmth summer brings.

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1973 Porsche 911E