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1969 Mercedes-Benz Stock No. 2566

280 SL

1969 Mercedes-Benz 280
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1969 Mercedes-Benz Stock No. 2566

280 SL

According to its factory data card, this Euro-spec, four-speed manual transmission 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL Pagoda, was sold new in Switzerland.

Early in its life, this Pagoda made its way to the USA and landed in Tucson, AZ, where local classic car collector Dan Mulnar purchased it in the mid-1990s. When Mulnar acquired the car, it still sported its original midnight blue paint (DB904-dunkelblau) with a grey leather interior (247). The Pagoda moved to Mulnar's residence in upscale North Scottsdale, AZ, and enjoyed a happy, pampered life along with other classic cars from Mulnar's notable Mercedes-Benz collection.

After nearly two decades of ownership, Mulnar decided to embark on a frame-off restoration of this 280SL and commissioned famed local Pagoda/Gullwing restorer Jared King of Transcendental Finishes to undertake the task. The car was completely taken apart and stripped to bare metal. A lifetime spent in the Southwest revealed a laser straight frame with minimal rust decay. Mulnar decided to take permanent residence at his estate in rural Ireland, parting with most of his Arizona Mercedes-Benz collection.

In January 2014, Cyril Mischler, one of CPR's partners, purchased the in-process restoration project from Mulnar to keep the car for his personal use. Mischler, also based in Arizona, continued the project with King as the head of the restoration. King himself performed all the sheet metal and repair work to the body and resprayed the car in silver grey (DB180-silbergrau), Mercedes-Benz's timeless, emblematic color. The interior was completely redone with the correct light red (3001) leather and carpet.

The car was also thoroughly restored mechanically, having not only the engine but the transmission rebuilt. All other mechanical components were also either restored or replaced with Mercedes-Benz original parts.

Throughout the 3-year restoration, attention to detail and the highest possible quality of work were the utmost priorities. As an example of this dedication, the rare, desirable "kinder" seat was salvaged, restored and, refitted into the car. A period-correct Kuhlmiester under-dash unit was sourced and Bud's Benz's excellent modern compressor air-conditioning system was fitted into the car.

As a token of the superior craftsmanship of the restoration, SL Market Letter, a leading magazine of all things Mercedes-Benz SLs, selected Mischler and his Pagoda for a full technical feature on the A/C install.

The end product is a highly-desirable Euro-spec, manual-transmission, A/C-equipped, stunningly beautiful Pagoda.

After enjoying the car for about a year and about 6,000 miles, Mischler is now concentrating on another Mercedes-Benz project and is offering this exceptional and rare Pagoda for sale.

Desirable features:

-Stunning color combination.
-European (Switzerland) market model (attractive headlights, bumpers, metric gauges)
-Sportier manual 4-speed transmission.
-Modern A/C system with period-correct Kuhlmiester under-dash unit
-Rear "kinder" seat
-Both hard and soft tops
-Restored Becker radio with iPhone jack

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1969 Mercedes-Benz 280