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1965 Porsche Stock No. 2388

356 C

1965 Porsche 356
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1965 Porsche Stock No. 2388

356 C

Now available from CPR Classic is this 1965 Porsche 356C Cabriolet painted in its original Signal Red over a black leather interior with black convertible top.

This late, factory-disc-brake 356 is a very-well-kept example retaining many of its original parts and matches its Certificate of Authenticity completely, including its 75-horsepower engine, four-speed transaxle, black leather interior, and Signal Red (6407) exterior color.

This Cabriolet is an original California car and has been owned and housed in California its entire life. It has been lovingly cared for over the years by two long-time owners, owned by one owner for 36 years and another for the last 14 years.

356 Cabriolets were exceedingly well-engineered- the top is well-insulated and well-trimmed while the doors and windows close snugly against the body and the seals of the top frame. On a warm day, one drops the top easily by unclasping three latches and with a single hand, folding the top into the rear of the car. Vent windows provide airflow, as the windshield and windows do an admirable job of reducing buffetting to an entirely comfortable level. On a cold day, one can nearly as easily raise the top, clasp the same three latches and merely turn a knob to pipe in air heated by its 1,582cc engine. The insulation level of the top makes this an all-season car, Porsche even showed Cabriolets with ski racks in its literature- they had no qualms about the ability of their cars to shrug off the elements and be used daily. The Cabriolets also had robust factory sound-deadening pads in the engine compartment to limit fan noise to a pleasant reminder of the method of engine cooling.

This car features period-correct luggage straps which give it the feel and utility of a vintage tourer, ready to drive anywhere. This C also has 3-point seat belts giving it an increase in safety and providing modern comfort and convenience. Long-distance drives to 356 Club meets, attractions long forgotten or simply for the pleasure of exploring the country are handled with ease by this well-executed interior.

From the moment one slides into the comfortable driver's seat and grasps the richly-grained warmth of the wood wheel, the driver's seat of this C entices. A turn of the ignition switch and the engine ignites quickly, settling into a comfortable idle that the under-stressed, perfectly-balanced C engine provides so well. After short take-up, the clutch provides a firm bite and good modulation to get the car moving. The combination of Zenith carburetors, 8.5-to-1 compression, and a sporting yet torque-rich valvetrain setup makes launches simple, low-speed acceleration ample and freeway cruising relaxing. Modern power levels seem absurd if this much fun can be had with merely 75 horsepower. Going back to that lovely wood wheel again, it speaks to the driver in ways that steering boxes normally do not, conveying the car's intent and providing input in an unfiltered, glorious way that well-kept and properly-sorted 356s can provide. Slowing you down are four-wheel discs that reduce fade while increasing initial pedal feel. Every bit of this car's mechanicals is confidence-inspiring and joyful, harkening to a time when people got where they were going a little slower and with a little more emphasis on the trip.

There are few European convertibles as well-built and comfortable as the Porsche 356 C Cabriolet. This incredible example of a sporting grand-tourer is competitively priced to sell.

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1965 Porsche 356